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Thread: Mailbox query date and time

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    Default Mailbox query date and time

    Hello zimbra Admins,

    i'm trying to export zimbra mailboxes using the getRestURL method.
    unfortunately,i'm not able to formulate a working query to search mailboxes in a range of time based on hours and minutes related to a date that isn't "now".

    i tried the following queries:

    "after:02/05/2011 11:10:00" => gives me error
    "after:02/05/2011/11/10" => gives me error
    "after:02/05/2011+11h" => returns all the day
    "after:1360059000" => returns all the day

    it seems that it's only possible to use time specifications if they are related to the current time, like for example:


    but it isn't what i need.

    is there a way that i'm missing to accomplish that requirement?

    thank you very much.
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