Hi everyone

I notice that Zimbra is still not yet an OpenID provider which is a real shame. It would make an awesome solution to SSO problems.
At the moment we have several web services that use LDAP auth but we are planning to move these to different data centre locations so I'd like to try and avoid having a VPN or SSH tunnels to Zimbra's LDAP port.
The best thing for this would be to have Zimbra as an OpenID provider.

I was thinking of building my own OpenID-LDAP gateway but noticed that someone has already created this... OpenID-LDAP / Home

I know it's not recommended to run anything alongside Zimbra but how would Zimbra alongside Apache/PHP so we could provide an OpenID-LDAP gateway on the same box as Zimbra?
This OpenID gateway will only be used to authenticate against our own web services, not for external use.

Anyone have any suggestions on running Apache/PHP alongside Zimbra?
Does Zimbra still include Apache or does it use Jetty? I think it uses nginx for proxying, is that right?

Also has anyone ever setup an OpenID-LDAP gateway?

Cheers, B