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Thread: Private Key and SSL Certificates

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    Default Private Key and SSL Certificates

    Hello All,

    Yesterday, I became distractred and accidently generated a new private key on the Zimbra proxy server which may have replaced the previous one that pairs up with the SSL Certificate purchased through Symantec. Now Iím getting an error the two do not match up.

    Is there a way I can replace the newly generated key with the original private key or somehow retrieve the previous key?
    Or is this a problem and a new SSL Certificate must be purchased to match up with the current new private key generated accidentally?

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    You can get a free replacement certificate via the Symantec Trust Center account for the life of the certificate. What you will need is to create a new CSR from the new private key. Then use that CSR to replace. Log into your Symantec Trust Center account and choose 'Revoke & Replace' option.

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