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Thread: Zimbra Redirect after SSO

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    Default Zimbra Redirect after SSO

    We are using VMWare Horizon for SSO and with Zimbra I have tested both SAML 2.0 and SAML 1.1 which work. The users sign into horizon which authenticates with our ldap and directs them to our third-party application that provides links to Zimbra and several other applications.

    We would like to provide direct access to zimlets, contacts, tasks, etc which is usually done with{app-name} but I am having problems when going through service/extension/tricipher/samlreceiver.

    Usually I just set the destinationURL or relayState for the applications url on our cloud but for zimbra it forces the redirect to the main page ( Is this something controlled via samlreceiver or an issue on my end?

    Thank you
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