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Thread: Backup Drive Filling up!

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    Default Backup Drive Filling up!

    I have mirrored 75gb 15,000 rpm scsi drives 100 users. Everything is sweet...except the backup folder keeps filling my drive up.

    My solution is I bought a 750gb hard drive (yep one drive) I can't believe it! I'm going to mount it as the backup folder.

    1. Rename the current backup folder to backup1
    2. Mount the new drive exactly where the old backup folder was
    3. move all the backup files in backup1 into backup
    4. forget about it!

    Since I've never done this on a Linux box before, and the machine is in production... I wanted to run this past everyone before I actually did it.

    Anyone see any problems with this, or see something I over looked.

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    Can't see any problems with this. When your new hd is mounted as backup, linux will just keep on going like nothing have happened.

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