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Thread: Shared calendar color tags / color appointments

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    Default Shared calendar color tags / color appointments


    I have some companies on ZCS 8.x which are using shared calendars in WEBMAIL. They ask me why colour tags for each appointment are only visible on appointment CREATOR's calendar, but not on other shared users calendars.
    My explanation was, that COLOR TAGS in calendar are personal choice, one may set "Green Tag" to be called PERSONAL TAG, while another user might use "Green Tag" for FREE time.

    I also tried with separated shared calendars, each having it's own color...
    ...but by default COLORS of original calendars are not propagated to shared calendar users - all shared claendars are by default the same color.

    So, as I assume colour TAGS cannot be shared automatically, I have two questions:
    1.) Is there any option to somehow export or copy Calendar COLOR TAGS or some other COLOR calendar property from one user to all others?
    2.) And if not, are there any other options to paint appointments with different COLORS in shared calendar, so all shared users would see it colored?

    Thank you for ideas!
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