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Thread: Setting a Distribution Lists return email address

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    Default Setting a Distribution Lists return email address

    I'm trying to create a distribution list where the reply address is a list admin and not the original sender. This way, if there are any errors in the list, the bounces would go to a list admin (who has rights to modify the list) and not the original email sender.
    In the old Sendmail days, this would be something like:
    owner-emaillist: emaillist-request

    I'm hoping to find a way to manage this via the admin GUI (ZCS 7.2 NE) and not a zmprov command and especially not hacking postfix files (though I will if I must, I'm hoping it won't come to that )

    Edit: actually, I don't want to change a Reply-To: address, rather, I want to change the envelope From address.
    In looking at the raw headers, I want something like:

    That is, if sends mail to anyone on the list would see the above headers. That way, if there is an error on the list, it would net be sent back to, but rather the person(s) listed in

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