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Thread: Whitelist of amavisd

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    Default Whitelist of amavisd

    Hello all,
    I was searching around and I found general items about implementing whitelists for spam... but does anyone know how to implement a whitelist for amavisd quarantined messages? I have payroll emails getting quarantined for "Heuristics.Encrypted.PDF". I need to get these through and this just started with the latest upgrade to 6.0.16...

    I was thinking of hacking on the amavisd config file, but I am not sure if/how this gets overwritten by zimbra's config tools.

    Any help is appreciated.

    -Cheers, Peter.

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    So there doesn't seem to be a separate whitelist... But the solution for my problem was fairly simple:

    In AdminUI under 'Configuration' -> 'Global Settings' -> 'AS/AV'
    + Uncheck 'Block encrypted archives'
    + Click Save

    - Cheers, Peter.

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