Hi All

I have just taken on a customer who has a Zimbra 7.1 server running on Ubuntu 10.4 64 bit. This is the network editions with Outlook connector and 1 or 2 users are complaining the search is not finding data, 1 is also complaining about it shutting down Outlook all the time.

The Outlook install is good on these machine but I did notice that the user who's Outlook closes has a mailbox of 31gb and the others with search issue are running around 15gb.

Personally I think this is far to high but was wondering everyone's thoughts here and if this is the cause of the issues with searching, especially with the user who's outlook keeps now closing with a 31gb mailbox. I am guessing there are some limits here but not sure what they are for Zimbra, the Outlook connector & Outlook 2007.