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    I installed and configured my VMware Zimbra Mail Server (network editions) last year with 100 mailboxes licenses activation. My license is expiring on 5th of the March 2013. I start the process of procuring but it will take time and may be exceed the expiry period.

    My Questions are

    1. What will happen to the server ? if my license expire to network edition (e.g. i will be unable to create accounts, backup etc)?
    2. My current license is for 100 Mailboxes/users/clients and now we are planning to procure 50 mailboxes/users/Clients license. Is it Possible? and in 100 CALS we only consumed 37.
    3. How to deploy? i mean simply open the GUI of mail server (, and upload the new license.xml(what ever) file?

    Best Regrads


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    Can Any one please reply

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    Quote Originally Posted by zahahmad View Post
    Can Any one please reply
    There are many reasons why you don't get an answer to a question, some of them are: people haven't seen your post; people don't know the answer; this is a Community Supported forum (not official Zimbra support) and there's nobody around to answer your question or (more likely) it's already been answered and a search of the forums will get it for you (there's even a wiki article on the subject).


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