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Thread: Secondary NIC & Connection? Help please :D

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    Default Secondary NIC & Connection? Help please :D

    So right now we have our mail server on a VM in ESXi, it's been running great for a long time. This weekend our primary firewall failed us, this hosts our primary & secondary connections. I have a THIRD connection on an entirely different firewall (pfSense), I would love to add a second NIC to our mail server and have it go through that pfSense connection, but I am unsure of how this will work.

    Our current mail build is running Redhat Ent 5.9. We have it setup with SplitDNS. The primary subnet is, this server/connection is I want to add a second NIC and put it on the third connection, which is on subnet and then have that be Handling the external dns and having it point to I think is the easy part. I just don't know what I need to do on the zimbra mail server itself. Do I need to add mail2. to our hosts file, anything I need to do to our resolv.conf? SplitDNS? All that....any help you could provide would be GREATLY appreciated. The more detailed the walkthroughs the better lol.

    Thanks in adavance.

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    Anyone have any ideas or docs? Anything would help.

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