Yesterday the Brazilian Daylight Saving Time ended and we've run into a problem with the display of appointments on the Zimbra web interface. Whenever an user adds an appointment the server seem to record it properly - if we edit, mouse-over the appointment on the calendar interface or use an external client, everything is fine.

However on the web interface itself all appointments show up as one hour earlier (look at the attached image for clarification).


As you can see, the appointment time is actually 11am (look at the mouseover popup) but it shows as if it was 10am on the interface.

I've tried restarting the ZCS, clearing all caches with zmprov fc and exporting the TZ variable before starting the server, to no avail. Is there anything that needs to be done in order for the calendar display the appointments on their correct times?

I'm running ZCS 8.0.2 Open Source Edition.