I cannot for the life of me get an smtp auth to work.

I have it setup to use port 587 and it doesnt work there. My ISP at home blocka 25 so I am ssh -L 25:server:25 to another server on the public cloud and telling my client to connect to localhost 25. I have updated my zimbraMtaAuthURL: to use port 81.

I have disabled and enabled every variation of ssl and tls in both my client and in the server. I have been reading the forums posts and am having no luck at all. If I try to AUTH I fail. I can disable auth and send to the local or of course from the machine itself i can send out as I please.

There is nothing showing my smtp connections in the zimbra.log only my imap conenctions.

I am running on freebsd and applied the patches from the forum threads regarding it and wrestled through the build operations and have everything working correctly. The machine has a 172 local IP and a one to one nat on a linksys rv042. Telnets to 25 work correctly and allow me to send to the local domain. The MX record point to a qmail relat at my COLO with smtproutes directing all traffic for my domain to the zimbra box (succesfully).