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Thread: SPNEGO GSSException: Defective token detected

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    Question SPNEGO GSSException: Defective token detected

    Hi all,

    I just set up the new ZCS 8 and try to get SSO with SPNEGO working.

    I followed this howto and it works ... kind of.

    I have to specify the target DC when creating the keytab file, probably because I have 4 DC's here, but not sure.
    Aynway, it is created and the keytab file copied to the zimbra server as suggested. after a zimbra restart and the internet explorer set up, the following occurs in the log files:
    GSSException: Defective token detected (Mechanism level: GSSHeader did not find the right tag)

    Full part of the logfiles: zimbra spnego problem -

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    Ok, one step closer to the solution.

    up to now, I used a second hostname to access the host, because the server will replace the old zimbra 5 mail server soon. So i always accessed with the IP or another (mail-new) temporary hostname.

    Always, I get either the HTTP Auth from the browser or just an error message in the log, that the Auth failed.

    I read somewhere that the GSSException could be thrown when you try to connect to a W2k8 server but for me it didn't make a difference if I connect to the 2k3 or 2k8 DC.

    After adding the "real" hostname to the Windows hosts file on the client to do a test with the actual hostname (, it worked.

    The VirtualHostname parameter is set, nut doesn't seem to work in my case, maybe someone knows why.

    it only works with:

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