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Thread: changing web interface from port 80

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    Question changing web interface from port 80

    I have ZCS 4.0.3 running smoothly, except for one thing Iīd like to change. Previously I had Mdaemon and itīs web client was accessed on port 3000. Iīd like Zimbra to use that port (3000) instead of 80. Iīve read several posts but none of the advice seems to work for me.

    So far I have changed the ports in tomcatīs web.xml and server.xml files to 3000 and tested using http://server:3000 but the most I get is the default apache test page. SOS!


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    You don't have to change anything in the xml files... This is handled through zmprov command line tool.

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    Default nothing doing!

    Hi Klug.

    Thanks for the link; the zimbra command

    zmprov ms SERVERNAME zimbraMailPort 3000

    worked and changed all the relevant files (web.xml, etc...I checked.) After that I did a tomcat restart but all I get on port 3000 is the Apache test page (STILL!) Grr <- that frustration is directed toward me!

    What else havenīt I done?

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    Talking ok, its good now!!!

    Double joy is all i feel right now!! I restarted tomcat again and this time it picked. My web interface is officially on port 3k. Three cheers Klug.

    An elated, Mutinda.

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