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Thread: Filter incoming mail by address book

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    Question Filter incoming mail by address book

    Dug around on the forums to try and find an answer to this. No luck so far. I found this thread but he never got an answer.

    I want to build a filter via the webmail interface to filter all email from a specific address book into a specified folder. When i select "Address In" from the filter section the only choice i have is "My Contacts". I don't want it to use all my address books, just a specific one.

    All Mail from Address Book1 goes to Inbox/1
    All Mail from Address Book2 goes to Inbox/2

    Is there a way I can select something other than "My Contacts" as a filter qualifier?
    If this isn't possible can i do this with contacts groups? Like put any messages from an email address contained in a specific contact group into a specified folder?

    I know i can build a filter for one email address to go to a folder, but I need one that matches a large list of email addresses. Not just a hand full.

    Zimbra Release 6.0.8_GA_2661 NETWORK edition.

    Thanks for reading.

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    You may file an enhancement request at

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