Actually I did find a similar problem in forum but without answer.

The spam, ham and virus-quarantine not listing in the Admin GUI account list (manage --> account) but I am very sure those accounts are exist in the system because during installation zimbra show spam/ham/virus-quarantine create without error, if I use command "zmprov gacf | grep SpamAccount" it return spam and ham account, or I can see those accounts appear in mailbox quota page as well, I also can see the log did send mail to spam account if I mark email as spam in webclient.

I remember I saw those accounts appear in account list after my first installation, but they are missing after I uninstall the zimbra and install again (I'm every sure /opt/zimbra is empty after uninstall).

My question is, how can I make those accounts appear in Admin GUI account list? I check the ldap database but only can see the admin account by default.

My current system is Zimbra open source 8.0.2 patch 1 and CentOS 6.3 64bit.