I'm searching for tested / recomended sollution to move from old hardware & software to newer (and newest zimbra),
my istalation runs unrebooted for over 2 yrs now and I'm realli happy user of zimbra, unfortunately my storage is ending and hardware is not strong enaugh to hold over 500GB of mailboxes up and running smoothly, so I need to swap onto new machine.

I was wondering how to do that, easiest way to do that (at leas it looks so) would be migration wizard found in admin panel of new Zimbra,
unfortunately I cannot find any howto for "LDAP search database query" (it can be a bit different, i've translated it from polish becouse I cannot find any place to change administrations console language).

Has anyone tried moving 2 versions up?
What I need is to move domain with users & passwords + their preferences / mailboxes / caledars etc...
keeping old data on old server & copy all domains to new one (I'd like to change server's hostname if that's possible).

Changing passwords for over 100users would be really annoying...