Hey guys,

I have a customer on ZCS 7.1.1 on SLES 11 that experienced a SAN crash. Well, the whole ZCS install is damaged, but I have the LDAP database working. MySQL databases are almost all unreadable. I've been thru the procedures to recover the crash but the files on MySQL have been so heavily damaged that I can't dump the information from there.

Basically I just need mailboxd to come up now. All other processes are already working. Right now it won't load due to the inconsistencies.

Is it possible to wipe these dabatases and start over? I'm looking into avoiding a reinstall, in an attempt to at least preserve the accounts/passwords that are already created. The mboxstore databases are almost all damaged. the store folder has 25 thousand files lost on lost+found. Customer doesn't like backups, and doesn't mind losing his existing content.

In the meantime I'm already downloading ZCS 8 to start over. Any ideas would be appreciated.