Hello all

I have read all the Threads about this Topic already, but for me it is not clear how to handle this "well known". right now i would testing it but at the end i am not sure what will happen at all.

I am Talking about listing resources for ALL USERS at my SERVER using different DOMAINS by setting this recommendation....

zmprov md [companydomainA] zimbraGalInternalSearchBase ROOT
zmprov md [companydomainB] zimbraGalInternalSearchBase ROOT
zmprov md [companydomainZ] zimbraGalInternalSearchBase ROOT
zmprov mcf zimbraGalInternalSearchBase ROOT

i wanted to try this first in a test environment but i did not found the time till now to check it out in Detail.

When all users now see the resource for example in the free/busy view at a meeting creation, and the user is from another domain, does all workflows work correctly ?

for example:
User1 has the Main Address @companydomanZ.com
User2 has the Main Address @companydomanX.com
resourceA has the Domain @companydomainA.com
resourceB has the Domain @companydomainB.com

Info about the need
We use to share the calendar from this resource to the user with an distribution list belonging, which works great for sharing the resource accross the domain.
But the free/Busy listing is handled differently as you know so the Domain separation comes up.

1. The user has its share from the resource to see the calendar --> OK
2. the user wants to book it and list it at the meeting creation view to list the resources --> NA because he does not belong to the domain where the resource belongs too.

I already tried to create an ALIAS Adress for the resource to make it visible in the other domain so created
resourceA-ALIAS-addy@companydomainZ.com --> this has no effect

I tried to give the user an Alias Address to companydomainA.com to see if the user gets access because now it is part of the Alias domain. I thought this could theoretically work because
it Works in the area of personas aso... But it seems its different to this.

So i ended up with the recommendations of changing this variable mentioned above, but what are the side effects and is this the best way to solve my problem?
I understand that when setting this i cannot hide it from other domains anymore cause its open for all then ....

Answers needed:
1. what happens when the user can list because of this searchoption with the workflow then (does it work clean) that the resource can be booked then aso ? or is just the listing worked
2. Is there a better way to solve the hole thing at all, maybe i stuck in a one way thinking .. ?
3. When i change this variable, is it immediately taking effect or does it need an ldap update ?
4. when i give a user an alias address what are all the effects at user rights level in a multi domain environment ? i was not able to find the right docu for answering my question to myself.

thanks in advance winston