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Thread: Restore data from Zimbra 7 network edition backup

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    Default Restore data from Zimbra 7 network edition backup


    I have a server with Zimbra 7.2 network edition, this is a purchased copy.

    This is on an esxi server, for some reason the whole Zimbra server disappeared from the esxi volume looks like disk failure , which became blank, I decided the best thing is to go to the backups.

    I had made a full server copy of the esxi virtual machine two months ago and this started up fine.

    I looked on the NFS store for the backups and this looks as though there are a number of full backups in place including one for the night before the full system loss.

    I have asked it to restore the data and then told it to do all accounts.

    Nothing seems to come back from the backup.

    If I look in the backup double click on each of the backups that have been completed (Something I had not thought to do in the past) then its says not started by each mail box.

    This means that 50 users have lost two months of mail and their calendars, so of course I look like a fool.

    I have restored a system from the ground up with a zimbra backup before, painful process, I think a simple /opt/zimbra rsync is better but only did that a couple of months back.

    What should I do to be sure the backups actually work in future?
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