Hello, I am new to this forum. Hope everyone is well.

A little background. I have a customer who is running Scalix which is now defunct. I have recommended and they have agreed to move forward with a test of Zimbra Network Suite. As I work with the product I get more and more excited about all the new features that will be available to the company.

Currently the test server has been built and installed in my lab located in another city on another network. My plan, once I feel comfortable the hardware is working correctly, is to move this physical server from my lab to the clients office.

I have taken care to make sure I have used the domain "sbgk.com" not my lab domain. I have setup local DNS to forward to my gateway which has DNS services installed on it. I had a small problem with the default postfix mail engine. I thought I had turned it off with chkconfig and stopped the service but during the install it reported a port conflict anyway. That was because I really did not turn it off After turning it off making sure port 25 was clear and restarting Zimbra everything turned up green!

Now I am going to work with the software for a few days. See how the Outlook plugin works, create a few accounts etc test some features. Currently the client has a production mail server (Scalkix). I would like both to work together as I migrate mail from one server to the other.

What resources can you point me to to help me accomplish this?

Thanks for all your help.


Harold Robinson