Hello all,

I am planning a migration from Scalix to Zimbra 8.0.2. For a time, not more than a month or two, I want to have both Scalix, and Zimbra online as I migrate Email accounts from Scalix to Zimbra. This is a small domain of 15 users. Some accounts are huge (36+ gigs) and could take a weekend to migrate.

An outline to my plan might look like this:
1. select a Victim -- I mean user.
2. Notify victim (um ... user) of the impending migration to the new server.
3. Set up the new account on the Zimbra server.
4. After the victim (yea ... user) leaves the office for the evening, Migrate the Email from the Scalix server to the Zimbra server.
5. Disable the Victims (I mean Users )account on the Scalix server.
6. Test the sending and receiving of Email on the new Zimbra server.
7. Remove old Scalix connector from laptop.
8. Install new Zimbra connector on laptop
9. Configure software as necessary.
10. If the Victim (I really mean user) has a smart phone, adjust the settings on that device also. Most have Android, some have iPhone or iPad.
11. Wash Rinse and Repeat until all users are converted.

My questions:

How does the Scalix server forward Email to the Zimbra server? I have found "Split Domain" in the Zimbra Wiki that I will read, but I was hoping someone would have some additional ideas for me.

Once all Email has been migrated, how do I make sure after I shut down Scalix that the Zimbra server will not attempt to forward email back to the decommissioned Scalix server?

I am putting together all the things I need to do when I deliver the server to the office so I may have more questions relating to this later.

Thanks for your help.

-- Harold