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Thread: Unable to change password for random users

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    Default Unable to change password for random users

    Hello we have a Zimbra 8.0.0 Network Edition, and I am unable to reset the password of some users.

    This is the message that I get

    Mail : system failure: unable to modify attrs: LDAP error: - unable to modify attributes: zimbraPasswordHistory: value #0 provided more than once Code d'erreur : service.FAILURE Method: [unknown] Détails :soap:Receiver

    I get the same error if i do zmprov sp password

    It's not on all users some users only and I cannot look for a corelation in the problem

    We have 4 domains on our Zimbra Server, and i got the error with at least 1 user per domain.

    The one I am trying to change right now is in my main domain.

    Also I can check the force user to change password but, the user is loging on the web site and did not check the remember password and it's not in his cookies. So to force him to change I need to make him log first, which he can't because he forgot his password.

    Thank you

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    How I Fixed This:
    Edit the users account password preference:
    Replace empty field "# of punctuation characters" with a "0"
    Change the number of PW history from 3 to 5

    Attempt to change PW: success.

    It seems that perhaps something in the LDAP record needs to be
    rewritten to clean it up ?? Anyway it fixed this problem for me.
    Zimbra 8.0 single domain installation on Ubuntu 10.01

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