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    Hi there,

    Am wondering if other admins are having to wait a very long time for additional licenses to be issued and for renewals? We have been waiting over a week now for an additional 25 licences. The reseller blames the distributor, they blame vmware, meanwhile the customers blame us!

    What's with the slow issue vmware? This is causing us a lot of bother!


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    Same problem here. I had been dealing with zimbra directly for over 7 years. They pushed my name to a reseller this year who contacted me for my renewal and I paid for that early Feb. License expired yesterday 3/12/2013 and still don't have my renewal. Zimbra sent me a temp license for 14 days to hold me yesterday but my order confirmation was a week ago from zimbra directly. I sent an email to the contact on the zimbra email and that has been ignore for 5 days now. Zimbra is really not participating here. I came very close to converting to open source and backing filling with zextras yesterday I am so frustrated with this treatment.

    This is really sad behavior.


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