I have been searching for a few minutes on google for solutions to my problem. Because nothing has resolved my issue I thought I would post my question. First, inside Server Statistics, there are broken images. The only thing that comes up is "Mailbox Quota". Second, in Server Status it says, "Server status data is not available. To see the server status, logger service must be installed." Of course, the logger service is installed and started. Third, while banging around at this I found that I cannot get into the mysql instance. I found a log message that said to change the password by issuing a mysqladmin command which did not work because it seems like the password was already changed to something. I didnt change it and this is a new install.
I am running FC5 with zcs-4.5.0_RC2_566.FC5. Thanks for your help in advance and let me know if there is anymore information that I forgot to include. Thank you.