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    I've got a few question regarding the hosting of multiple MX Domains (Email Hosting on one Zimbra server for different customers) on one Zimbra Installation:

    1) Is there a limit of MX Domains i can setup in one Zimbra installation?

    2) Is there a possibility to delegate Administrator rights per Domain? So as an example; if you have 3 MX Domains on your zimbra box and Is it possible to name a Administrator for who has only rights to access and modify Email adresses in the Admin Backend?

    3) If 2) is possible. Is it possible to configure limits for each of this "Domain realms"? So the administrator of can only set up a specific number of mailboxes,quotalimits etc. Also the Domain Administrator should be allowed to change systemwide things...they should only be able to modify things regarding their domain.

    Is this possible with Zimbra or do i need 3-party Tools for such things (if there are existing any..)

    Let me add that i'm thinking about "real multidomain support" of the product (regarding every aspect of the system, Admin Backend, Admin Gui etc.) and not only configuring multiple MX domains.... I dont want a "tweak" which will be broken after the next major i'm talking about the possibilities of using a Zimbra Installation as a Shared Mailhosting Solution for different customers.

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