My SAN failed (of course I have no backups). I'm recovering the VMDKs and relaunching the VMs that I can. I'll be reinstalling the packages necessary to get out the data that I need. My setup was 7.1.1 x64 on CentOS 5. I'm moving to Ubuntu 10 LTS so that I have a supported OS. I had 2x LDAP, 2x Mailbox, 2x MTA and 1x Proxy. AFAIK, the Proxy and MTAs don't need to be restored as they don't store anything necessary. I do need to get 1 LDAP and the Mailboxes back, though.

Per LDAP data import export - Zimbra :: Wiki I was looking to export the main and configuration databases and then import them into the new platform when I got it up. Since I had 7.1.1, I was going to re-install 7.1.1. I didn't want to change too many things at a time, given the data loss potential.

I was looking to use this script to get all of my mailboxes out.

How well do the utilities handle bad data? Do they abort the export\import processes? Do they just move on? I'm hoping that between the two LDAP databases, enough parts either weren't harmed or overlap. With the Mailboxes, though, all I can do is hope for clean data. If some messages are missing... *shrugs* Not much I can do. I don't expect complete data recovery, I'm just hoping the tools will allow me to get out what data there is.

Suggestions? Will the utilities work given the risk of bad data?