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Thread: Migrating for Zimbra V5....

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    Default Migrating for Zimbra V5....

    Hi Folks.

    Not sure if this is the right spot,
    But Im tasked with upgrading my new employers Mail system from Ubu8.04LTE (zimbra 5) to UBU12LTE and the latest version of Zimbra. All Open Source Editions.

    I will also be moving to new hardware...

    Im pretty new to Linux, and have zero Zimbra knowledge.

    can anyone suggest the most practical way to complete this.. (there is no money for external contractors)

    I What I think I need to do
    1. upgrade to V7 x32 (on UBU 8 still)
    2. migrate to the x64 version on UBU8.0.4 LTE
    3. upgrade UBU to the latest Version
    4 Upgrade Zimbra to the latest version.

    does this sound like the most practical option??

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    Hi RAC_it.

    In my opinion, since you are moving to a new hardware, you have some easier option available if you choose to setup the new machine and move your data there from the old one:

    1) zmztozmig: built-in command line utility for zimbra2zimbra migrations, only moves emails.
    2) REST API: needs a bit of linux skills but as soon as you get a hold on the basics it'll be better than zmztozming IMHO, as almost any data will be moved.
    3) IMAPSYNC: Third-party tool that moves emails through the IMAP protocol.
    4) ZeXtras Suite/ZeXtras Mig: Third party tools that moves virtually all data. The part that does the import is paid, but a trial is available and you can use that to migrate.

    1), 2) and 4) require Zimbra 6+ - I checkd the download page and you can upgrade to 6.0.16 before migrating.
    See ya,

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