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Thread: Zimbra Admin Interface and other issues

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    Default Zimbra Admin Interface and other issues

    First, for any Zimbra devs reading this, KILL AUTO COMPLETE please. On the admin interface, if you want to search for anything the auto complete makes it intolerable. We don't need it, get rid of it. I have 400+ users spread across 90+ domains and the autocomplete feature is a PITA for trying to do admin related tasks. If you want to create a new user, the stupid auto complete makes it hell.

    Second - Your support has gone from awesome (I have used Zimbra since before Yahoo) to miserable. ZCS 8.0.2 came out with so many bugs that I am ashamed to say Zimbra is open source (yes, the network version is closed source).

    I have paid support and your techs have not answered support issues for OVER A MONTH!!!! The stupid gal reset prompt keeps popping up no matter what steps we take. The last update I posted in the support portal has not been responded to since February 7th and it is now March 15. All logs requested have been attached. All of my clients are up in arms about a stupid bug you guys should be able to correct.

    I don't know what VMware has done since it took over Zimbra, but I am starting to look for another system. You refuse to support mac outlook (with EWS not imap, carddav and caldav) and our mac users hate the system. Your support has gone down hill, your recent releases have tons of bugs, what happened?

    You guys better get it together or you are going to lose your client base to other vendors or worse yet, we will have to re-evaluate Microsoft Exchange server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arglex1 View Post
    First, for any Zimbra devs reading this,
    This is a Community Supported forum not Zimbra Support, if you want to get the attention of developers then file reports in bugzilla (or raise support cases). If you're having problems with support then get in touch with your Sales contact. I'd also suggest you upgrade your current version of ZCS to 8.0.3 (it's on the download page) and in addition, it might be wise to test upgrades before putting them into production - you might have less unhappy users that way.


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    i don't understand you why complain so loud ?
    1. the zimbra give the opportunity to choose open source and network
    2. why the users use the Microsoft outlook inside mac ? - use only the web interface it is pretty well also and doing the job as well.
    3. if you have any problem with a little search you can find the problem.
    4. zimbra it is Linux system based.
    5. zimbra it is not Microsoft with buttons and clicks , it is recommend to have knowledge about Linux based system.
    6. when you mean bugs ? what kind of bugs ? did you post the Bugzilla ? or tell us...the exchange does not have bugs ?

    that's it for now

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