Just thought to share this on the forums. This is our second year on Zimbra. Was definitely a good decision at the time. Lots of plus's going for it. Clean, uncluttered interface. Rock solid. Very easy to administer.

What irked me was silly things like no decent anti-spam since we upgraded to 8. EOL on Zimbra desktop. Really outdated in certain aspects to Office 365 for example. Nothing to compete with Lync. Nothing to facilitate shared docs like sharepoint. I feel communication in today's world has evolved to so much more than just email. To keep pace, our software solutions also need to embrace all these new mediums, and sadly I don't see any of this taking place with Zimbra.

So we've made the decision to migrate to Office 365 in the upcoming year. Wish us luck.
Thanks for all the Zimbra memories.

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