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Thread: Unable to access admin webpage.

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    Question Unable to access admin webpage.


    I have tried searching for the forums, but need a little assistance.

    After a reboot, I'm unable to access to the admin control panel webpage.

    Everytime I startup Zimbra, I only get the following services at startup:

    zimbra@MAIL:/root$ zmcontrol start
    Starting zmconfigd...Done.
    Starting logger...Done.
    Starting memcached...Done.
    Starting antispam...Done.
    Starting spell...Done.
    Starting stats...Done.

    When I try to stop the services, I get the following services:
    zimbra@MAIL:/root$ zmcontrol stop
    Stopping stats...Done.
    Stopping mta...Done.
    Stopping spell...Done.
    Stopping snmp...Done.
    Stopping cbpolicyd...Done.
    Stopping archiving...Done.
    Stopping antivirus...Done.
    Stopping antispam...Done.
    Stopping imapproxy...Done.
    Stopping memcached...Done.
    Stopping mailbox...Done.
    Stopping logger...Done.
    Stopping zmconfigd...Done.
    Stopping ldap...Done.

    I don't understand why the other services aren't started, any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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    You shouldn't have memcached installed on a single server, it's not necessary. You haven't given any information whith which we can offer any recommendations about your problem, you need to provide something more than just a list of services. You've also given no information about the Zimbra version in use nor which operating system. You've also given no details about whether this is behind a NAT router or a Public IP. You've also not mentioned anything about the hardware specifications of your server. This subject has been mentioned many times in the forums but you can start by looking in the log files and see what errors you're getting when you start ZCS.


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    Thanks for replying phoenix

    The version of Zimbra I'm currently running is: Release 7.1.1_GA_3196.UBUNTU8 UBUNTU8 FOSS edition.
    The version of Linux is: Linux version 2.6.24-19-server (buildd@terranova) (gcc version 4.2.3 (Ubuntu 4.2.3-2ubuntu7))
    I'm currently using it internally but it is also accessible externally, so it is behind a NAT.
    It was working before, just after a reboot, 1/2 the services won't load for some reason.
    For the hardware, I'm not too sure what information you're looking for but: we're using a
    model name : Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.66GHz
    cpu MHz : 2666.666
    cache size : 2048 KB
    RAM: 32GB

    Thank you for pointing me to the logs, I'll take a closer look.

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