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Thread: new install of 8.0.3 with backups

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    Default new install of 8.0.3 with backups

    first of all i have to admit, that i am a part-time admin ;-) - i'm doing these things because i have done them since 25 years in our company of 15 employees...

    we run a zimbra network edition, to preserve independence of web-services - we have a huge mail-traffic with our customers and need the access to mails and attachments every time ...
    not to forget the perfect management of tasks and the synchronisation with smartphones ... ;-)

    i just upgraded from 7.2 to 8.0.2 and soon to 8.0.3 which were delivered the same day ...
    something got wrong in my server, installed fine, configured and ran very bitchy, could not mail internally and other things, maybe the failure was made while installing 7.2 last year - got it running now, but i cannot really trust this f***ing installation ... ;-)

    i'm planning a clean install!

    it is a standalone server runnnig redhat enterprise 6.4 and only zimbra, i don't want the hassle of dns and records and things - so i use one of our mail-accounts of our service provider as smarthost, mails of our about 20 accounts on this web/mail-server are retrieved by pop3 - this all runs absolutely stable and fast since over 10 years now (we had a linux/squirrelmail-system until mid 2012).

    so - for this configuration, i would like to do a clean install, hostname shall be "mailserver" ;-) and our domain name maybe ""

    file hosts contains:
    Code:	 localhost.localdomain localhost mailserver
    file resolv.conf contains:
    install zimbra 8.0.3 calling the server "" or just "" or maybe hostname shall be different?
    i had the problems of mailing internally to ...

    what about the mails and user configuration?
    may i get them from the backups?

    could someone please check this and save me from the next touchdown? ;-)

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    I would suggest you upgrade to 8.0.3 first. There were some misconfigurations with the postfix config in 8.0.2 that may be part of the problems you saw.
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