Hi Guys,

Follows an overview of my case.
An zcs 6.0 with email sent by external mta.

_____ ______ ______
Internet --> |_MX_| ------>|_ZCS_|----->|_MTA_| --> internet

The messasges outgoing normaly by webmail or email clients, but the auto-forwarding and out-of-office messasges doesnt sent.

Return the log:

2013-03-20 12:14:23,631 INFO [LmtpServer-429109] [name=username@domain;mid=1376;ip=;] smtp - Sending message to MTA at Message-ID=<1267564417.270030.1363799663631.JavaMail.root@ hostname>

2013-03-20 12:14:23,637 WARN [LmtpServer-429109] [name=username@domain;mid=1376;ip=;] mailbox -

The ip is internal ip of my mx server.
The ip is internal ip of my mta.

Any suggestion?