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Thread: Upgrading for drbd/heartbeat

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    Default Upgrading for drbd/heartbeat

    I have ZCS 6 installed on CentOS 5 and would like to upgrade to version 7. I have a primary and secondary (standby) node. Data is replicated to the secondary node (/opt/zimbra) using drbd and heartbeat is used for server monitoring/failover.

    After I extract the the version 7 tarball and run ./ on the primary server, the changes that the upgrade script makes to /opt/zimbra should be replicated to the secondary node. Since I only replicate /opt/zimbra, are there files outside of this that I should be copying over from the primary to secondary node manually that are changed during the upgrade process?

    Also, will Outlook connectors from version 6 still work after zimbra has been upgraded to version 7?
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