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Thread: Outgoing email forwarding from internal to external domain

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    Default Outgoing email forwarding from internal to external domain


    How can I automatically forward outgoing emails to a different domain?

    As an example a user sends an email to and I want the exact email forwarded outside to

    Note There are no accounts on the server under the subdomain and the prefix support-ticket1234 will not be constant, e.g. it might be support-ticket<any number>

    I don't know whether to use postfix transport, procmail or something within zimbra. How do I best achieve this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If is a zimbra account and you're logged in under that account, you can go to the preferences > mail section and set it up to forward messages to "". Or if you don't want all messages to be sent, you can also setup a filter to redirect messages based on any of the standard filter criteria. This assumes that the user account has the feature permission to "Allow the user to specify a forwarding address". This permission is set by the administrator, and it's somewhat common for mail admins to turn it off.

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