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Thread: Drag and Drop in Web Client IE8/9/10 Non Functional

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    Default Drag and Drop in Web Client IE8/9/10 Non Functional

    We normally use Chrome for our Web Clients. However a recent concept involving a Wrapped web client exposed an issue with our Web Client under IE8/9/10 affecting drag and drop functionality. It does not work. I was under the impression that IE was a fully supported browser. I have confirmed that the AJAX client is whats being loaded. Dragging messages into folders with but attaching a file from the desktop folders into a new or existing message does not work withing the Compose window. As far as I can remember before we upgraded to 8.0.3 there was not an issue
    I realized I did not ask a question as such. Does Drag and Drop work for anyone else under 8.0.3 ZCS in Internet Explorer?
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