I want to migrate form Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04 on a new server. I am currently running 7.1.1 I tried to upgrade it on 10.04 to zimbra 8.0.3, it failed to see the previous version but found that the directory was there. I canceled that install then proceeded to install 7.2.3 instead hoping that maybe it was just too big a jump, it also did not see the previous install but I chanced it and continued choosing the 'without deleting the zimbra directory' option. It bombed on zimbra core and exited. Not knowing how far along it went I tried a zmcontrol start, [sudo] password for zimbra: error
I restored everything, zmpermfix and visudo. the old server appears to be working. Is there another way to migrate? There is no version 7 for 12.04 so I cannot install 7.x.x on 12.04 as described in the threads I have read. I could try installing 10.04 on the new server with a fresh install of 7.1.1 migrate and see if that install will allow an upgrade?