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Thread: Upgrade from Zimbra 6.0.4 with ubnutu 8.0.4 to zimbra 8.0.3 with ubnutu 12.4

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    Default Upgrade from Zimbra 6.0.4 with ubnutu 8.0.4 to zimbra 8.0.3 with ubnutu 12.4

    Dear Forum we need some help with upgrading our system.

    We have two Zimbra servers with Zimbra 6.0.4 network addition setup in multi-server where server A is the LDAP master and Server B is an LDAP replica.

    Both servers hold a list in postfix denying specific users ability to send out email to external domains (only for internal sending).
    I know that after the upgrade postfix will no longer hold the lists and the new Zimbra server has the ability to block via Milter server.

    Our main goal is to upgrade both servers to the latest zimbra version 8.0.3 but we will need to move to a new version of OS as well since we are running both on Ubuntu 8.0.4.

    What is the best practice for doing this ?

    Should I install two new fresh servers with Ubuntu 12.4 and Zimbra 6.0.4 , do a full recovery from backup and only then upgrade Zimbra ?

    If so how should I upgrade Zimbra ? Incrementally from 6.0.4 to 6.0.5 and so on till i get to 8.0.3 or can I skip some versions getting directly to 8.0.3.

    Any suggestions ?



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    Well the path you should follow is to first upgrade Ubuntu to ZCS 7.2.3 then upgrade to Ubuntu 10.0.4.
    Then upgrade ZCS to 8.0.3 and then upgrade your Ubuntu 10.0.4 to 12.0.4 and you are done .


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    If your second system are LDAP replica, you could upgrading the first system and then setup another (new) replica. Due to complexity upgrade path with the possibilities problem on each step, I would recommend :

    1. Backup all data and configuration
    2. Clean install new system on new server with Ubuntu 12.04 and Zimbra 8.0.3 and then migrate old system into new system. Zextras free migration tools would be useful for this process
    3. Setting up new replica

    Pros : The above process has minimal impact to current system, didn't make any changes to current system and you could get new system a lot easier
    Cons : You should apply any non-standard modification on the old system into new system; You must preparing new physical server for new system (using Virtualization technology is OK)
    Best Regards
    Masim "Vavai" Sugianto
    Zimbra Tutorial
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    Release 8.0.6_GA_5922.SLES11_64_20131203103702 SLES11_64 FOSS edition.

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