Hello. We recently upgraded a server from 7.2 to 8.02. Network edition with about 150 users. Needless to say the admin is not happy with the fact that the view mail button is missing. I see a lot of talk in the forums about the FOSS edition getting it re-enabled. However, I do not see any reference to the viewmail button working in the 8.0.2 network edition. I have tried the viewmail admin extension that is floating around here for version 8 (not 8.02...Not sure if it matters). Anyway, it does deploy as an admin extension but the viewmail button does not appear under the account maintenance. Rebooted the server and reloaded admin console. No love.

So is there any references to the network edition for the viewmail button? Does 8.0.3 bring it back.?

Thanks much for any assistance