Hi, I installed Zimbra Release 8.0.1_GA_5438.RHEL6_64_20121105164412 CentOS6_64 FOSS edition on CentOS 6.3 64 bit.

I am trying to get the LOTUS DOMINO address book to zimbra.

I did below steps.

GAL mode:External

Most results returned by GAL search:100

GAL sync account name:* galsync@example.com

Datasource name for external GAL:ExternalGAL

External GAL polling interval:5 minutes

GAL sync account name:*galsync@example.com

Datasource name for external GAL: ExternalGAL

External GAL polling interval: 5 minutes

Server type: LDAP

External server name

ldap://192.168.x.y port 389

LDAP filter:*(|(mail=*%s*)(cn=*%s*)(sn=%s*)(gn=%s*))

Autocomplete filter: (|(cn=%s*)(sn=%s*)(gn=%s*)(mail=%s*))

LDAP search base : dc=example,dc=com

Then, click next, and filled as follows.

Use DN/Password to bind to external server: (I checked this box) and used below things.

Bind DN:cn=My Admin,ou=COMPANY,dc=example,dc=com ( also I Used this too - cn=My Admin,dc=example,dc=com

Bind passwordassword
Confirm bind passwordassword

then, did a test ( for test, I use * and also nsf names casesensitive (i.e - for MyAccount.nsf I used MyAccount)

But, I get the following error.

Test result check.AUTH_FAILED

Any help. I do know this can be done. Where have I gone wrong.

Below links prove it.