I have a few questions about Archiving and Discovery.

1. According to the comparison chart, Archiving and Discovery is included in the Pro version of Zimbra.
Since that is the case, do I need to install additional packages to ensure its funcationality?
Because according to the administrators manual I DO need to install additional packages.

Since I am running the Pro version in my trial, is it included in this version also?

2. In the administrators manual it tells me that after the search has completed it will Email me with a notification indicating the specific search has completed.

An account is created for this search as well as a folder How do I export this Email to send to opposing counsel?

How are they viewed?

What is meant by server memory (RAM or DISK)? as the manual tells me that each search takes up server memory. I am assuming RAM in this case. I will have a need to save these searches and perform them once per month. We may have 25 of these configured at any one time. Anyway to save them, so that they survive a server reboot?

3. The administrators manual appears to be incorrect. Some options I search for are not in the locations the manual says they are. I know things change from one version to another.

For example, copied directly from the Zimbra 8 manual:

The discovery tool, Search Mail, is added to Tools and Migration on the Navigation pane when the archiving package is added. To set up a cross mailbox search, in Search Mail, go to the gear icon and select New. You configure the following information....

Now I can tell you that I have yet to install this package (if indeed it must be installed) as I have not found a way to download the package. Yet I have the Search Mail option in the navigation pane. Is the administrators manual for version 8 a reliable source for operating Zimbra? If not is there another source to use?

Thanks for your help.