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Thread: Bug 78661 - mailboxd memory issue

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    Question Bug 78661 - mailboxd memory issue

    Since I shouldn't have access I guess I can ignore my mailboxd crashing every couple weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankchavez View Post
    Anyone have access to bug 78661?

    I was looking through the Release Notes for 8.0.3 and verified that this applies to me, but I get access denied when I attempt to open that in bugzilla. I just barely requested an account, but I guess have to get approved because it's been a few minutes and still no email.

    I just want to know the steps to change this. I tried searching on the forums for bug 78661 but I didn't find any mention of it.


    edit: link Access Denied
    I got this : You are not authorized to access bug #78661
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