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Thread: account migration using zmrestore fails: invalid attr value

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    Default account migration using zmrestore fails: invalid attr value

    I'm trying to move to a new zimbra server by using the backup/restore function. I'm running 8.0.3 NE on both servers. When I try to restore an accout I get the following message:

    zmrestore -a -t /path/to/backup
    Error occurred: invalid attr value: invalid attr value - unable to modify attributes: some attributes not unique

    The old server was originally installed as version 5 so it still has the briefcase enabled. Could this error be related to features enabled on the old server which are not enabled by default on the new server?

    Also, not sure if this matters, but I'm using a trial license on the new server until I can get everything working. I couldn't find anything in the forums with this type of error related to a restore so any help would be appreciated.

    Edit: It turns out this problem only occurs with some accounts. Some of the accounts can be restored properly.
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