Hi, I would like to reconfigure the whole AS/AV system for another domain name, in our ZCS 8 installation.

This is not related to the AS/AV mailbox recreation, but installing/moving it.
I do know how to assign the mailboxes for AS, not for AV. Also those where marked as 'system' and not as normal ones, and I would like them to be system again, if possible.
The domain where it was installed was deleted, since it was used only for the migration process from an GW to ZCS.

I do remember to see a doc where explained how to recreate the 'AS/AV for the first MTA, but I cannot find it anymore, and I'm on several ours on Google trying to find it again.

For now the services are disabled, so no harm is done, but I would like to reactivate it again.

Any help/directions are appreciated.