Okay... About 6 months ago someone hacked into an inactive account that was setup within Zimbra. This account was only needed for one small purpose (I forget what it was now) and so it has never been used. I did something very stupid when I created it and didn't setup a secure password, thinking that I was never going to use it I didn't think it really mattered (lesson learned).

Anyway, when they got into my account they sent out something like 100,000 spam emails in one day, then a few days later another 75,000. Then periodically after that hit a few thousand until I caught it. At first I thought the server itself was compromised but after looking at all the accounts and seeing what actually happened, I boiled it down to this one inactive account. I immediately secured the password and made all users on the system change their passwords and I made all the passwords VERY secure, randomly generated.

Since, this time, I'm been having major email delivery issues. At first gmail, hotmail, yahoo and aol were rejecting all emails. I sorted out gmail, hotmail and yahoo. I was added to the barracuda spam list but I was able to get myself removed from this list. I recently discovered that I have a BAD reputation with AOL and have been working with them to get that repaired. I've sent in the requests along with the remedies that I've taken to fix the problem.

I'm still getting reports from companies that aren't using aol, gmail, hotmail or yahoo for their mail servers that my emails aren't getting through. I've gone to MX Toolbox and I'm not on any of the blacklists there so I don't know what else I can do.

Can anyone help me fix this please?