Dear All,

I have zimbra server running perfectly for quite some time

i have recently implemented a sendmail server with antispam antivirus software and is working fine

right now I am sending mail out throgh this sendmail server

the mx record which was currently for the zimbra server i changed it to the sendmail server

now the issue i have is the zimbra server cannot receive emails.

let me explain

i have gone through the post and related wikis but i could achieve what i want.

I have tried using the mailer table but it does not help

also i have tested with the routing rule compiled in sendmail but no avail

the var/maillog log just say DSN: User unknown

if I create a user on my sendmail server and in my /etc/aliases file i add


the mail is routed to my zimbra server and works perfect

now I have about 900 users on my zimbra server
and guess it quite a pain to follow up the above for all the users individually

what I would like is any mail received for my domain... domain name say
should be just forwarded or routed by sendmail to my zimbra server

in this case i do have to create any users on my sendmail server.

I do hope this is possible or else what would be the best way to achieve this
any link that would help

i would really appreciate your kind help and advice

thanks in advance