Recently, I did a migration of users from Google Apps (G.A.) to an on-premise Zimbra NE install (7.2.2). My migration strategy was to add the G.A. account as an external IMAP account, sync over the mail, then delete the account setting (which moved the synced mail to the Trash folder), then moved the relevant folders back out of the trash. Worked flawlessly. But there was one quirk on which I wanted your opinions. The quirk is that when I right click on any of the folders in the ZWC that were synced over from G.A., they still show the "Turn sync off" option in the context menu. Any folder that is added from scratch does not show this option in the context menu.

My question is: Will this cause any unforeseen problems in the future, or is this just a glitch that will have no effect going forward?

Thank you for any info.