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Thread: Total crash & data loss of zimbra (human factor)

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    Default Total crash & data loss of zimbra (human factor)

    Hello ;(
    I have lost all data from db/ databases. I lost ibdata file from mysql, and cause of that, can't read any database in db/data directory. I can't do file undelete, any more. It was too late for that, when I find out what happened.

    I have some old beckap, and I can recover almost complet 'zimbra' database, but I am still losing all mails (cause their infos are in mailbox databases) and about 100 mailboxes.
    Is there any way I can manualy recover them? (it's not a problem for me to write some scripts to automate process)

    ;( ;( ;( ;(

    Thank you

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    Default You *can* recover the mail...

    If the /opt/store directories are still there, you can get the mailbox id for each user using LDAP and the ZIMBRA.MAILBOX table. Then, for each user,
    1. Find their store directory (should be /opt/zimbra/store/0/<mbox id>/msg)
    2. Use zmlmtpinject to add all messages in subfolders beneath that directory to the correct user's mailbox

    You'll lose contacts (etc.) and the messages will be dated as received today, but it'll work.

    If you have further script-fu, before calling zmlmtpinject you can edit all the messages to have an X-Zimbra-Received header identical to the message's Date header, and the messages will be added as if they were received on the sent date rather than today.
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