Have Zimbra setup to authenticate against ad. We have recently changed our password policy, so that everyone had to change password. This led to us Having some issues with one of the global admin accounts in zimbra, it can still use old + new password.
The old password i considered a security risk.

What we have found out :
If we deactivate global admin for the account , it only accept the new password, the moment we activate global admin again, you can log inn with both.
We have other global admin accounts, were the problem is not excisting.

Tried to reset local zimbra password, to something else, but it still accept the old password.
It has now gone 1 week since we did the password changes.

Have tried to compare settings for this account with other admins, but fail to find any difference.

Anyone have some suggestion on how to solve this ??

The zimbra version is 7.2.3 open source edition